How to accept a bid - table reservation venues

iBidU lets your customers bid you the price they will pay to get a table reservation. 

1. When they submit a bid through iBidU, it is listed on the home screen under 'Bids', and you will receive a notification you can directly accept their bid from, or you can accept it anytime by tapping on it in the list of bids. 

2. If you accept a guest's bid, they will receive a notification and an email from you, when they respond back you agree final details on the screen shown below - you can message each other to confirm details as shown and this communication is saved in the transaction record.

Your guest then they pays you through the app which also generates a confirmation email for both parties (see below). 

The guest clicks the credit card button to pay (see below) when they are satisfied they have agreed details with you - they have to wait for you to click an 'Accept' button in the same spot on your own screen before they can pay you - you can still cancel the transaction until now, should you wish.

3. Below is an example of the guest's screen when they pay you - at this point the transaction becomes final and their booking with you is confirmed although you are able to request iBidU to refund them if you wish to.  

4. When the guest has paid you, you will receive a confirmation message similar to the one shown below, and the transaction is complete.  As also shown, iBidU generates a confirmation email for you to send to your guest, cc'd to you.

All completed transactions may be viewed through your Account screen, simply click on the 'Payments Statement' button to see a full list of transactions, from which you can select to view details of any one.

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