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How to get paid for your table

iBidU is a live marketplace in table space. If you are sitting at a table at a busy venue, like a popular pub or bar, you can use iBidU to offer your seating in exchange for payment to people arriving at the venue who want to get a table. You can do this either by submitting n Offer, which is sent to everyone with the iBidU app at the venue, or by responding to a Bid submitted by someone arriving at the venue ready to pay to take over your table space. 

3. If you choose to make a fresh offer, tap the 'Offer' button and on the Offer screen (shown here) enter the details requested:

  • in the '£' field the total amount you are prepared to accept for your table space 

  • in the 'people' field the number of seats you are offering for that amount, e.g. 2

  • the location field is pre-filled with the name of the venue, or you can select the venue using the lookup facilities mentioned in 1. above 

  • type anything additional you want the other person to know in the 'notes...' field, e.g. 'on the terrace' or 'in the garden'  

The bottom section summarises your offer. Press 'Accept' when you are done.

4. Your offer then gets notified to everyone at that venue with the iBidU app and is listed on the home screen (with a green icon) - note in this example, your offer is listed above the existing offer of £35 for 4, because you are offering to accept less per person.

If someone wanting table space accepts your offer, you get a notification asking if you want to continue. If you accept, then both your screens change to the same colour to help find each other (see below).

You offer stays live for at least 15 minutes (currently) and then times out if the app detects you have left the venue.

6. Up until payment is made, you can still cancel the transaction should you wish - once you are paid, the transaction is final and you must exchange your seating with the other paying party, per iBidU's terms and conditions of use. The balance of money you are paid through iBidU is sent to your Paypal or bank account once per week. Select how you are paid through your Account screen available through iBidU's menu (tap              or swipe right). 

1. First, if iBidU isn't already showing you located at the venue you are seated at, use the lookup facilities to select it. Either type in the location field on the home screen or tap the lookup button to its right. Tapping the Refresh button to its left gives you the location Google thinks you are at.

2. Then, you can either click the 'Offer' button at the bottom of the screen to submit an offer of how much you will accept to vacate your table space, and wait for someone to accept it, or you can see if there are any existing bids for table space from others, listed under 'Bids', which you can tap on to activate. 

5. When your offer is accepted, (or when you accept a bid, see 2. above) both your screens turn bright green (or blue, yellow etc), so turn your screen away from you and hold it up for anyone to see and the other person will find you in no time... also, you can see each other's location on an onscreen map. You see yourself as a blue dot, the other party is a red pin. (NB bear in mind that indoors the location may not be precise.)

When you are both ready to exchange seating, you are paid through the app by their clicking the credit card button on their screen (or Paypal button or Apple Pay button if those are their selected payment methods). 

7. All completed transactions may be viewed through your Account screen. Simply click on the 'Payments Statement' button to see a full list of transactions (shown here), from which you can select to view details of any one. The iBidU app plots the position of both parties for a few minutes prior to and post the transaction, and this information is used by iBidU as the basis for dispute resolution where the person who made payment alleges that the person paid did not in fact give up their table space when paid, contrary to iBidU's terms and conditions of use.

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