iBidU to give me your table space

an iOS app for connecting people sitting in popular table space with people who are ready to pay for it






Using iBidU is simple. Download the app, sign up, pick a payment method (we can process ApplePay, PayPal and credit card payments), and you're ready to go..

When you arrive at a venue (e.g. bar, club or pub), iBidU will let you know if anyone is offering table space, and if so, for how much, and for how many people..

if you have been at the venue a while and are prepared to vacate your seating in exchange for payment, you can make an offer to anyone else there with the app, telling them how many seats you can make available and how much you want for them.

When you open iBidU, it tells you which venue it detects you are at, and whether anyone there is bidding for or offering table space, and if so, for how much and for how many people...

If you are looking yourself for table space, you are interested in the offers made by others to vacate it for you...

If there aren't any suitable offers, you can quickly fire out your own bid for a certain number of seats and for the amount you are prepared to pay, which will be sent to anyone with the app at that venue.

It's useful to be able to see other peoples bids as well, so you know how high you might need to bid yourself to get table space...



Once you accept a bid or an offer, either from the app's home page or in response to a bid or offer alert you receive, you need to find each other - so, the backgrounds on both parties phones go the same bright colour, by default green, and a little map shows you where each of you are. 

Once you find the other party, the person ready to vacate taps Accept, the person wanting to sit down taps Procced, and the payment is processed, and they exchange places.

To protect both parties, the iBidU app monitors the location of each of them both before and after the transaction whilst at the venue, in order to confirm the exchange of table space duly took place.


If you are sitting in table space you would leave for the right payment, you can either wait for people to make 'bids' (see further below) or you can put out your own 'offer' and wait and see.. First, this is how to make an offer of table space:

Second, if you want table space and don't have it, you can make a 'bid' and wait for a response or you can respond to anyone else's 'offer' listed on the Home screen (see above).. This is how to make a bid:




I'm Adrian, the creator of iBidU, and a guy who likes the pub, what can I say? Time seems scarcer than it ever was, we are all busier day by day, if I actually manage to get my mates together to go to a bar, or to the pub, I want that nice table where we can all sit and shoot the breeze - what I don't want is to be standing around together getting jostled in a crowd whilst being harassed by the security guys to keep inside the permitted area.... 


The app is currently only available on iPhone, but an Android version is planned for later in the year.

...is simply to connect people who want table space at popular bars, clubs and pubs with those who have it and who are prepared to vacate it for some amount of payment, without any of that English embarrassment, because the transaction happens discretely on your phone.

Pricing & FAQ


  • ​A transaction fee of 20% is added to the amount offered by an iBidU user to vacate their table space

  • the transaction fee covers the costs of processing payments and developing and administering the iBidU app

  • The following table sets out a list of examples of the cost of table space secured using the iBidU app at different price offered levels: ​


'Offer amount' refers to the amount an iBidU user is paid for their table space

​​'Transaction Fee' is the amount, as referred above, which iBidU adds on to the 'Offer amount' for processing the transaction and 

Cost charged' is the amount which the iBidU user receiving table space actually pays for it

  • Payments may be made using:

    • PayPal

    • ApplePay

    • Credit Card 

  • Payments may be received using:

    • PayPal

    • a UK bank account 

  • ​iBidU reserves the right to aggregate recipient payments into a single monthly transfer​

Bid or Offer amount







Cost charged

Transaction Fee


Can I pay for iBidU services in cash?

  • cash transactions are not permitted through the iBidU app. User location information is automatically analysed by the app, and use of the app may be suspended or barred if the system suspects cash transactions are taking place.

Which platforms is the app available on?

  • iBidU is currently only available on the iPhone, an Android version is expected later in the year. There are currently no plans for a Windows version.

I wish to cancel or dispute a transaction, what do I do please? 

  • For information on how to request a cancellation / refund of a transaction, please refer to this section of the iBidU End User Licence Agreement.



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To have us send you notification of the (we hope not too distant) arrival of the iBidU app in the App Store, please use this form to advise us of your email address - you can also use it for any general queries.

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