Make proper money spreading iBidU

With iBidU RealMoney, you can earn money from sitting in the pub!


Ok, what does that mean? Like a lot of apps, iBidU works better the more people use it. So, our solution is to reward you financially for sharing the iBidU app by giving you a special status iBidU RealMoney user account: 

1) to let people pay you for your table space (e.g. at a popular pub, see below...) and

2) to earn RealMoney Commission on iBidU's transaction fees (see illustration below of how you could make £1,000 per month) generated from anyone who uses iBidU after installing it from your personal RealMoney referral link.

The only ways to get your personal RealMoney referral link are either:


1) to open this link on your iPhone or iPad - this will take you to Apple's App Store so you can download the iBidU app, but getting there from this link gets you a RealMoney user account when you install (when you go in the app's account screen, you will see the RealMoney icon             at the top of your screen) 

2) to receive an iBidU link like the one above from, say, a friend who already has a RealMoney user account

Ok - so you installed the iBidU app, you have your RealMoney user account, now what? 


Straight up, we are hoping you are going to be creative, once you see that RealMoney has the potential to gross you 3 figure income a month, maybe even 4 figure...  this is the scenario we have in mind to inspire you: 


iBidU is an app for paying for access to popular venues - depending on the type of venue, access can be a table reservation, or it can be to get to the head of the line to access the venue whether a walk-in restaurant or a night club, for example.  That's the 'official' app. 

If you have a RealMoney user account however, a whole other dimension to iBidU is available, which is the opportunity to exchange the very table you are sitting at for money, for example at popular pubs and bars.  


The process of how to get paid for your table space and for others to pay for it is straightforward, take a look here and here respectively.  

The question is how to get the 'market' in your table space going in the first place.. Let's say you and your mates and your mates' mates often go to a particular pub or bar, and because you like a nice pub or bar which a lot of other people like, it tends to get busy and hard to get a table. At some point, particularly if you arrive before it gets busy, you'll be sitting at a table, and there will be people who would literally pay money for you to leave it, if they only knew how to, elegantly... after all, there aren't many people who would walk up to a table full of people and wave a £20 note in your face asking if you want to leave...

... but if you could discretely let anyone like that know you are prepared to leave the table for £20, and they could slickly pay you through an app, well, that sounds like a situation where you have a willing buyer and a willing seller both of whom will be happy at the outcome - you will have financed the next round at the next pub, for example..


If you are wondering if there are people out there who would pay e.g. £20 for your table, consider the following:

  • £20 for a table for 4 is the cost of a round

  • if you have brought a date to a favourite haunt, that's a bargain not to stand around getting jostled by the security guy..

  • anyone who has got a busy job and/or kids cherishes the time they get to go out; if they want a table, that's a small price when they might not get together again for 6-12 months!

So, the catch is, how are these people to know about iBidU and how if only they had it they could see you are offering them the chance to take your table for £20..??

This is where we hope you will get creative and ingenious, ultimately you simply need people who might want to get hold of your table to know you are offering it... they need to know you are offering that on iBidU right then and there..

Easier said than done:

  • does one print up cards saying "we're offering our table for ££ on the iBidU app, right now.." that one of you goes and hands out to people looking as though they'd like to be sitting where you are?

  • does one print that message onto a temporary advert which hangs down from your seat..

  • does one...?       We don't know.. we write apps, we don't know this stuff, but we bet for the right amount of money, you can figure something pretty clever out.. 

Now, clearly you may be scratching your head thinking "why am I still reading when they are stumped on this pretty key aspect?"

That's why we are paying away so much of our potential revenues to you to help us figure it out and get it out there and used - read on...

RealMoney Commission rates


iBidU charges a 20% fee on transactions, and the current payout rates on the net RealMoney Commission after VAT and 2.5% payment processing fees we ourselves pay third parties is:

Tier 1 - 30%

Tier 2 - 15%

Tier 3 - 15%

Tier 4 - 10%

Tier 5 - 10%

That means:

  • if the average amount paid for table space in an iBidU transaction is £10, then iBidU's net fees available for RealMoney Commission are about £1.40 and if everyone in your referral network uses it twice a month

  • if you get 5 mates to download iBidU, every time they use iBidU you get 30% of our processing fees i.e. 30% of £1.40, and

  • when they in turn all get 5 mates to download iBidU, you get 15% of those processing fees, and

  • those 5 mates get another 5 mates each you get 15% of those fees and

  • those those 5 mates another 5 mates, well, you get 10% of those fees and

  • those those 5 mates another 5 mates, well, you get 10% of those fee...

  • well, by then you would have 3,125 people in your referral network, and you would earn the tier rates on all their transactions, at the percentages above depending how many referral links they are away from you and based on the numbers above, that could gross you a bit over £1,000 per month

We pay you weekly either to a UK bank account or your PayPal account.

Of course, if you could get many more than 5 of your mates to download iBidU, you could make much more than £1,000 per month...  you could in principle become our sales partner and make a lot more..

Worth getting a little creative for?

If you would like to discuss further, contact us on and we can email or set up a call..

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