Plus, 'Payments Statement' gives you a full report of money paid by you and to you - 'Payments Statement' takes you to a screen listing every transaction you've made on iBidU. If you earn commission from our iBidU RealMoney referral program then every commission earned is listed in this report too. Tap on 'Email transaction report' to receive an email of a CSV file of this report or tap on any individual transaction to see its full details including, if applicable, a map of your and the other party's logged locations at the time of the transaction. This helps us resolve any disputes about whether a transaction properly took place.

Your account


On the Account screen you may change your username, email address and your password. You may not change your username or your email address to a username or email address already in use on iBidU. You can also log out if you need to, otherwise will remain logged in next time you open iBidU.

The Account page is also for managing the ways you pay and/or get paid. If your device is Apple Pay compatible and Apple Pay is set up on the phone, you will see an Apple Pay button. You may also pay via PayPal or credit card. Only one payment method may be active so please select which one using the right hand toggle switches. 

In any event, you enter your payment details when you make a payment, your details never touch our servers, but are handled by Apple, PayPal or Stripe (payments processor) respectively.

If iBidU P2P is operating, you can get paid for your table space as well as pay for it. Payments to you are made weekly and can be paid to a Paypal account - we will send to your email address registered with us - or to a UK bank account if you fill out the fields provided for account name, account number and sort code. Please note, it is your responsibility to correctly enter your bank details - iBidU cannot be held responsible if you ask us to transfer money to an incorrect bank account number.

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